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We are a warm and friendly salon that welcomes our existing clients, and we always have room for new clients.

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Come and get your hair done by our experienced hair stylists. All our hairstylists have a minimum of

25 years of experience.


What's more, we offer haircuts for the entire family. If multiple family members want to get haircuts, we offer family block appointments where the entire family can get their haircut at the same time.

Planning to get a new trendy haircut or planning to cut your hair because you're tired of the same old style? You can rely on our hair stylists to give you the perfect cut that complements your personality and leaves you feeling fabulous. Get in touch today!

Let us give your hair a makeover

Get a hairstyle that you'll love!

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Hair care for the entire family

Add life to your hair with bold colors or streaks? You'll be surprised what an amazing difference it makes to your looks and personality.


You can tell our hair professionals what you have in mind and you'll leave The Personal Touch with gorgeous looking hair. Give us a call on 540-347-2310!

Planning to get highlights done for your hair?