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We are a warm and friendly salon that welcomes our existing clients, and we always have room for new clients.

Permed hair Perms

We do perms for all hair types, from soft bodied hair to curly hair. You can trust us to deliver the exact perm you are

looking for.


Our professional hairstylists have spent many years working in the business, and have had plenty of experience giving people the perms they want.

Planning to perm your hair? At The Personal Touch, we understand that chemically altering your hair with a perm can be a big decision. Our stylists will first understand your requirements before suggesting a perming solution that is suitable for your hair.

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Add waves to your hair with our perming service

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Perms for all

hair types

Get your hands pampered at our salon by getting a manicure. Visit The Personal Touch for beautiful looking nails.


Our salon is located in Warrenton, VA. You can rest easy knowing that all our stylists have at least 25 years of experience in the hair industry. Get in touch today!

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